Service Solutions understands the impact of global environmental issues in our ever-populating world. As the world’s population increases the importance of, reduce, reuse, and recycle has affected all conscientious citizens as well as green friendly businesses. Service Solutions in its grass roots efforts is learning how to use technology with minimal environmental impact and is dedicated to participating in and creating advocacy programs for green AV.

What is green AV? Almost an oxymoron in definition but not in reality because green AV ranges from efficient energy consumption, to water reduction, operational efficiency, to responsible manufacturing processes. Although at the growth stage of discovery and collaboration, green AV does hit several of the standards as set by the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certification. Green AV can reduce the need for travel, lessen raw material usage, reduce waste and create well-organized energy management.

Service Solutions and its team members are dedicated to practicing green AV via communication, equipment choices, and reducing both personal and company wide carbon footprints. The majority of communication is transmitted and stored electronically. Correspondence, event questions or concerns and invoicing are all done electronically. Service Solutions is largely a paper free business. Especially through the use of scanners and PDF creations which reduces usage of mail and paper. We get one hundred percent of our technical information, including equipment manuals and specifications from the Internet. All equipment is purchased and used in the effort to minimize environmental impact. Thought processes involve obtaining only the most advanced equipment. As technology advances at such a rapid rate, the need to stay ahead of the technology curve is important in reducing the need for future replacement systems. During our annual inventory we compare existing equipment with any newer more efficient systems. We try to make capital purchases through manufactures who offer a “take back” policy, and whom we know to recycle the older equipment responsibly. Through the use of LED lighting, automatic power-down features, and energy star equipment, energy efficiency is addressed. We responsibly recycle batteries and printer cartridges, lamps and computers. Finally, each team member does his or her own part in reducing his or her carbon footprint. Our team members often ride bicycles or motorcycles to work, carpool to different events in a hybrid car and work from home when possible for 100% carbon free commuting. Our long-term goal is to have each team member LEED-AP accredited.

Service Solutions goal is to bring green AV to our clients and help them realize their own green goals by educating them on how to updated their own out dated or limited use technology. For example, encourage clients using VHS material to convert tapes to DVD. Or suggesting to clients to be cable friendly which reduces copper and PVC use. Service Solutions can support client’s green agenda and goals by showing them anticipated power expenditure and power draw targets for each event. Ultimately Service Solutions would like to have these targets as well as CO2 saved per year as part of its annual documentations. Currently, Service Solutions is looking to join the USGBC and is working toward lowering its own carbon emissions.