Meet Safe

Meetings and Events play a critical role in your business development. SSAV not only understands this importance but will partner with you to make your event successful and keep your team safe. As health risk management continues to be at the forefront of every business, SSAV offers several approaches to ensure your meetings/events are successful through proper distancing and sanitation.

While current standards do not allow for large social gatherings we are and will continue to monitor local, state, and federal recommendations and requirements. Thus enabling us to continue to offer the appropriate solutions for productive events.

Please see/inquire our most current popular offerings below:


Small rooms with restricted attendance

Ideal for small group, seating, screens and sound all thoughtfully placed to keep social distance in mind.


Video broadcasting to multiple rooms inside and outside of the venue

Ideal for larger groups. Allows the presenters to broadcast to multiple rooms within the same venue or outside that venue.


Webcasting/Video Streaming

Ideal for larger groups with multiple presenters in different locations. Allows the presenters to remain in their current locations and broadcast to multiple audiences around the Globe.

SSAV Broadcast Studio

Standards for Safety

All SSAV employees will wear venue/client approved masks or any other protective equipment required.

Each piece of equipment will be sanitized before and after use.

Multiple microphone windscreens can be offered to protect the spread of germs.