High Definition Video

Service Solutions has made a commitment to being on the leading edge of video technology and one of our main focuses is in fully supporting high definition video. From 16:9 format screens and projectors to fully digital signal distribution we are committed to providing all of our clients the richest video productions available.

  • 16:9 format Fastfold Screens
  • Ultra HD Digital Projection
  • Ultra HD Video Signal Distribution
  • Video playback from HD media servers
  • Full HD Cameras
  • Full HD Webcasting and Video Conferencing

Concert Quality Sound

To us, the single most important key to an event’s success is sound quality. In order for your attendees to get the most out of each presentation, clearly amplified audio is absolutely essential. Service Solutions has invested heavily in digital audio mixers, top of the line wireless microphones and line array speaker systems. Great sounding audio starts with top of the line equipment and that’s what we bring to every event.

  • Mackie Line Arrays
  • Mackie Digital Mixers
  • Shure UHR­F and ULX­D Microphones with full Dante networking support
  • Computer aided setup design

LED Lighting / Wireless Control

We are to our knowledge the only local audio visual provider that can setup an entire lighting rig with full LED lighting that is controlled wirelessly, and that is programmed and operated without needing to sit behind a console at a tech table. Using less power than conventional lighting, drawing fewer amps, requiring half the cables run, and with no wires tying our lighting designers to a tech table our clients are always amazed at how simple and elegant our lighting setups are.

  • Vivid R LEDs
  • ETC D60 LEDs
  • Source 4 Par LEDs
  • Art Net Wireless DMX Systems
  • Wireless Lighting Control Systems